Adopted Dogs

This page includes pictures of some of our dogs that have been Adopted and those that are Adoption Pending (the adoption is not yet finalized or the dog has not yet transported to the adopting home).


Two year old Jonni is 100% Setter sweet. She has Addisons disease and will always need meds and monitoring. Jonni will be a SWESR Furever Foster living with her wonderful foster parents near Austin, TX.


Fozzie was born in rescue on June 27th. He is an outgoing, independent, inquisitive fellow that loves people, being held and snuggling after getting plenty of exercise. Fozzie joins SWESR Syndi in OKC, OK.

Pink (now Addy)

Pink is a very energetic, birdy 4 year old girl. She will be heading to her new dad and “furever” home in Oklahoma City, OK.


Statler was born in rescue on June 27. This delightful boy will be joining his new family including ES Misty and Golden mix Winston in Humble, TX.

Conway (now Cooper)

Nine month old Conway is one of the the Junction Nine. This handsome boy is being adopted by his foster family in Lago Vista, TX.

Sunny (now Joey)

Sunny is an energetic 3 year old tri color “pocket setter”, weighing about 38 pounds. She was adopted by her foster mom in Oklahoma City, OK.


One year old Wink was released to SWESR when she developed anxieties likely related to kenneling outside and shock collar training. Thankfully her owners contacted SWESR to take her and she is doing well crating and living inside. This lucky girl is being adopted by her foster family in Fayetteville, AR.


Ivy is a sweet 4 month old little girl that was surrendered to SWESR. She is being adopted by her foster family in OKC, OK.​

Waylon Jennings

Waylon Jennings is a sweet and timid 9 month old youngster rescued with the Junction Nine. This lucky boy will be heading to Walnut Creek, CA to join his new family including ES Riley.

Reeves (now Colt)

Reeves was a stray in an OK shelter. He is 1.5 years young and everything you would expect from an active ES youngster. He is being adopted by his Setter experienced foster dad.

Loretta (now Zoe)

Sweet 9 month old Loretta of the Junction Nine will be heading to Reno, NV to join her new family and SWESR Scout. What a lucky girl!


Phillip is a 4 yr old sweet boy who did not work out as a hunting dog. Lucky for him, his wonderful foster family in Los Lunas, NM is adopting him!


Alex (Alexander) is a 3 year young boy just retired from a hunting ranch. This sweet boy is being adopted by his foster parents in San Antonio, TX.


Handsome Thatcher was a stray in a TX shelter. He is estimated to be about 3 years old. He is being adopted by his foster family in Oklahoma City, OK.


Clover is a sweet 5 year young girl who was a stray in OK. She joined her new family and SWESR Merlin in Kansas.