How to Help

How You Can Help

We depend on the spirit and energy of our tireless volunteers. If you may be willing to donate or open your home to help foster an English Setter in need, or offer your time to help out in other ways, please consider the options below.
Donate funds
If you would like to make a donation to Southwest English Setter Rescue, please click here to go to our Donations page. You will find our mailing address to send a donation by check, and our link to donate through Paypal or a credit card. A Paypal account is not required. 
Sponsor a dog 
English Setters that find their way to our rescue program often need a significant amount of medical care. Besides the routine vetting we provide to all our rescues, some dogs come to us with significant health problems such as heartworm disease, infections and injuries. Adoption fees often cover only a portion of a dog’s expenses to get them healthy and ready for their forever homes.
We depend on the generosity of our supporters to help us provide the necessary vetting for these dogs. Donating toward a dog’s medical expenses is a wonderful way to participate in a rescue and become part of an English Setters success story.
Please click here for details about our rescued dogs that need a sponsor now.  
In addition, you can sponsor the medical expenses for the next dog we rescue. You set the dollar limits of your sponsorship and any other conditions you’d like to specify (for example, a dog rescued from a certain state). In many cases, we can give you naming rights for the dog you sponsor!  
You may indicate which dog you’d like your donation to help in the Special Instructions area of Paypal payment (click on our donate button at the top of the page). You can also make your donation by check (along with a note which dog you would like your donation to help) to SWESR, 29560 Red Bud Hill, Boerne, TX 78015. 
Foster a dog  
If you have the love and patience to give to a dog in need, we want to hear from you! There may be times we are unable to rescue dogs from the shelter because all our foster homes are full and we have nowhere for them to go. Fostering is a heart-warming and rewarding experience. Please click here to learn more about fostering.
Click here for details about our Furever Foster program for older, hospice, and special case dogs.
Click here for details about our Virtual Foster program where donations are welcomed in the name of a specific SWESR dog or an urgent dog we wish to rescue.  
Donate items  
We are always in need of things to make the foster parents job a little easier. Things like leashes, collars and flea preventative. Please click here to be directed to an page that shows our current ‘wish list’ from different vendors. This shopping page makes it easy to donate items to our group.  
Transport a dog  
We are constantly transporting dogs, to foster homes from shelters and from fosters to adoptive homes. Taking part in a transport usually requires an hour or two of driving the dog on one leg of their journey. Please contact us if you’d like to volunteer to drive if a transport route is planned near you.
Organize a Fund Raising Event
Do you have the experience or the desire to plan and conduct a non-profit fund raising event in your area or online? Please contact us if you would like to lead an effort in this mission critical activity.
Buy Recycled Print Cartidges and We Receive a Donation
By purchasing Planet Green re-manufactured printer cartridges, you not only save money and the environment, you are supporting Southwest English Setter Rescue (we receive a donation) and a US manufacturer! See Planet Green’s website for details.