Adopted Dogs

This page includes pictures of some of our dogs that have been Adopted and those that are Adoption Pending (the adoption is not yet finalized or the dog has not yet transported to the adopting home).

Loretta (now Zoe)

Sweet 9 month old Loretta of the Junction Nine will be heading to Reno, NV to join her new family and SWESR Scout. What a lucky girl!


Phillip is a 4 yr old sweet boy who did not work out as a hunting dog. Lucky for him, his wonderful foster family in Los Lunas, NM is adopting him!


Alex (Alexander) is a 3 year young boy just retired from a hunting ranch. This sweet boy is being adopted by his foster parents in San Antonio, TX.


Handsome Thatcher was a stray in a TX shelter. He is estimated to be about 3 years old. He is being adopted by his foster family in Oklahoma City, OK.


Clover is a sweet 5 year young girl who was a stray in OK. She joined her new family and SWESR Merlin in Kansas.


Handsome Blaze is approximately 4 years young and good with other dogs. This lucky boy will be heading to his Setter experienced “furever” home in Edmond, OK.

MacGyver (now MacDuff)

MacGyver is a 2 year old sweetheart who retired early from hunting. This sweet boy is being adopted by his wonderful foster family and joins ES WIlly, Bessie and Miss MollyDolly in Tuscon, AZ.


Fifteen month old Vince is one of the more confident of the Junction Nine. He will be joining his new family including SWESR MacDuff, ES WIllie, and Bessie in Tuscon, AZ.

Beaker (now Hobbes)

Sweet puppy Beaker will be joining his Setter experienced family and SWESR Calvin in San Leon, TX. Lots of fun ahead for this little boy.


Tammy is a sweet and timid 9 month old youngster that was rescued with the Junction Nine. This lucky girl will be heading to her “furever” home in Kalispell, MT. She will have 4 ES fur-brothers!


Bixby is a 56 lb, 3 year old happy, high energy boy. He will be joining SWESR Rupert and his new parents in CA.


12-13 year old Shotzie has some personality and behavioral issues that made him a good candidate for the Furever Foster program. He found his Furever Foster home in the Texas Hill Country with one of SWESR’s founders.


Eleven year old Manny is very birdy and independent. Manny loves the lifestyle in his Texas Hill Country foster home so much that he convinced his foster mom and dad that there is no better or safer place for a flight risk crazy country boy like him to live.


Twelve year old Brett (now Dio) lived a hard life before he wandered up to a Good Sam’s home in East TX. Now he is a SWESR Furever Foster living the good life in Denver, CO.


Bonnie is 10-12 years old and has several medical issues that are under care in her foster home in Tucson, AZ. Bonnie will stay as a SWESR Furever Foster with her incredible foster family.