Adopted Dogs

This page includes pictures of some of our dogs that have been Adopted and those that are Adoption Pending (the adoption is not yet finalized or the dog has not yet transported to the adopting home).


Hedy is a 10 month old typical field ES who loves to run. And that is what she did with her previous owner who didn’t have a fence – for days at a time. She is being adopted by her foster family in the Dallas, TX area. Lucky girl!


Rozee is a 6 year young active, registered Llewellin Setter. She is in a Setter experienced foster-to-adopt home near Houston, TX.


Elisha is 6 years old and he was surrendered to SWESR when he didn’t work out in his 2nd home in 4 years. This anxious boy is in a foster-to-adopt home in Grand Junction CO.


Will is 7 years young and was rescued from a hunting ranch in TX where he was overheating on hunts. This lucky boy is being adopted by his foster dad in Mesa, AZ.


Twelve year old Lisa was rescued from a TX hunting ranch. Lisa lived large, made the best of the short amount of time she had and was much loved by her rescue Mom. She had cancer when we rescued her, was a rock star through two surgeries. We are heartbroken that the cancer spread to her lungs and brain and we were not able to give this amazing girl more time.


Jax is 2 years old and men scare him so his male owner who got him from a hunter the previous year contacted SWESR for help. Jax is being adopted by his Setter experienced foster mom in Phoenix, AZ.


Buck is an 11 year old youngster who was rescued from a hunting ranch in TX because he couldn’t keep up. He will be heading to a Setter experienced home near Las Vegas, NV.

Bodie (now Eddie)

This young 11 month old boy is a treasure like no other. He is great with other dogs and has a high prey drive. This lucky boy will be joining his new parents and SWESR Willie, Bessie, and Mac in Tucson, AZ.


Patch is a 14 year old boy who was rescued from a hunting ranch in TX. He lives in his well-deserved Furever Foster retirement home near Houston with his SWESR sister Belle/Bells.


Charlie is a 12 year old blind boy who found his way to SWESR after his owner passed away. He is a SWESR Furever Foster who lives in Henderson NV with his Mom and SWESR brother Ivan.


Gypsy is a 4 year young chestnut beauty that gets along with her dog companions and is good with people. She will join her new parents and ES Patches near Dallas, TX.


Pepper is a 4 year young beauty who gets along with other dogs and has cats in her foster home. She will be joining her new Setter experienced family in UT.


Dale is a 4 year old sweet and gentle boy with people, dogs and cats. But chickens, not so much. Dale’s foster family near Houston, TX has decided to adopt him.


Scooby is 4 years young and a typical sweet, happy and busy ES youngster. He is being adopted by his foster family in Stillwater, OK.


Shaggy is 4 years young and a typical sweet, happy ES youngster. This sweet boy is being adopted by his foster family near Brownsville, TX.