Hank Aaron

Hank Aaron

Hank Aaron is a stunning 2 year old Llewellin Setter. He has the energy level and prey drive that you would expect of a Llew youngster. Hank A will be an amazing companion for a person or family that has experience with high energy, high prey drive breeds like English Setters. He has that trademark Setter “on” switch when he is outside and “off” switch when he is inside as long as he is getting enough outside opportunity to self-exercise.

Hank A was a house dog before rescue and is housetrained and crate trained. He will need several weeks of structured introduction to learn the rules of his new home. He does not jump fences but if there is any weakness in your fencing/containment, this busy boy will find it and go for a run about so he needs a home where the fence and gates are very Setter secure, including at the ground level. He is not a candidate for a home that uses IF for containment or a home that does not have a fenced yard. 

Field Setter people know that doors and gates are an opportunity to bolt and Hank is no exception so he needs “adult” handling, guidance and supervision. He is good with kids of all ages so as long as there is double security for doors and gates the kids use he will be fine in a home with children. He is ok with inside cats but if they run he will chase. He is good with other dogs, including small dogs. He will want to hang out with his family on the couch and would appreciate bed privileges too. 

Hank is looking for a home with a good size, at least 5 foot fenced yard where he can run and self-exercise and where he’s not left home alone for long periods of time. Because of his high prey drive and inclination to bark when he gets excited, he is not a candidate for a home with a doggy door.

Hank Aaron is neutered, up to date on vaccines/tests and ready for a foster, foster-to-adopt or adoptive home.