Sawyer (now Tom Sawyer)

Sawyer (now Tom Sawyer)

Sawyer is a beautiful bundle of happy, joyful energy. After spending most of his 2 year life locked in a kennel, everything Sawyer experiences is new to him, including the freedom to run in a fenced yard, interacting with humans, and learning to listen to his foster Mom. He greets each day and all of these new experiences with an upbeat excitement that is guaranteed to make his person smile and start the day right. 

His experienced foster Mom is teaching him how to channel his energy, and he’s still a work in progress. Sawyer will need a Setter-experienced adopter and a strong commitment to continuing the training program his foster Mom has started is a must.

Sawyer has not yet earned free-run-of-the house privileges but that is not unusual for a 2 year old youngster. He is calm in his crate and keeps it clean. He has learned to “wait” at doors, has learned his name, and has about 50/50 recall. Like most ES, Sawyer will never be an off-leash dog, but he is working on leash manners. He has progressed from “wild, bucking bronco” on a leash, to the typical ES pulling.

The one thing that Sawyer cannot handle is gunshots. When he hears a gun, his joy disappears and he cowers in fear. So, no hunting for this guy.

Sawyer has adjusted well to the resident cat, but his foster Mom is sure that he would give chase if given a chance. Sawyer will likely be OK in a home with a cat given careful supervision. Because of his prey drive, outside cats would likely be in danger.

Sawyer is super friendly, but has not been in a home with children. Given his rambunctious nature he would not be a good match for children under the age of 10.  Sawyer gets along well with the foster’s resident dog, but so far has shown more interest in looking for birds and rabbits than playing. If his adopter is home most of the time, Sawyer will likely be okay as an only dog.

Sawyer’s best home will be one with a large, Setter-interesting, fenced yard at least 5’ tall and an adopter who has lots of time to devote to his training and loving companionship.

Sawyer is a healthy, happy boy who is fully vetted and ready for the right adopter. Until that adopter is found, Sawyer’s devoted foster Mom will keep up his training program as she believes this sweet boy is truly a “diamond in the rough.” He is in a foster home in Kansas.