Adopted Dogs

This page includes pictures of some of our dogs that have been Adopted and those that are Adoption Pending (the adoption is not yet finalized or the dog has not yet transported to the adopting home).


Chessie is about 7 years young and as pretty and sweet as they come. She was rescued from a shelter in UT where she came in as a stray. Her new family will be flying to AZ and driving Chessie back to TN.


Six year young Rosa was rescued from a hunting ranch. She is being adopted by her foster family near Dallas, TX.


Rasmus is 6 years young and had multiple homes before making his way to rescue. He gets along with other dogs and the cat in his foster home. Rasmus is heading to his furever home in MO to join his Setter experienced parents and ES Lana and ES/Brit mix Cleo. Lucky boy!


Xava is a 4 year old sweetie who was surrendered due to the death of her owner. After taking her through heartworm treatment, Xava is being adopted by her foster mom near Austin,TX.


Bandit was initially rescued when his owner passed away. He was treated for heartworms and because of his separation anxiety he went to a furever home with a retired previous adopter.


Penny is an 8 year old bench girl with epilepsy. After her owner passed away her family was not able to give her the quiet and stable home a dog with epilepsy needs. She has that now as a SWESR Furever Foster with her SoCal foster mom.


Hollis was a 12 year young mix found lock in a house, starving and abandoned. She came to SWESR in 2022 and learned what life should have been like with her wonderful foster mom in TX. Unfortunately Hollis had heartworm disease and the toll was too much for her heart.


Matty is a 7 month old typical busy field ES youngster. She has been adopted by her foster family in Phoenix, AZ.


Canik is a sweet 2 year young boy who is quickly learning house manners and doing well with the resident dog. His foster family in Salt Lake City, UT has decided to adopt him. Lucky boy!

Rosebud – Adoption Pending

Rosebud is a 7 year young beauty who is very velcro and wants to be a lap dog. She is being adopted by her wonderful foster family near Austin, TX.

Hadrian (now Hank)

Hadrian is 7 years old, calm for a Setter, and very happy to be cared for and loved. Hadrian can’t stop smiling. His new dad in Edmond, OK has Setter experience. Lucky boy!

Pepper – Adoption Pending

Pepper is 10 years young and retired from hunting. He is sweet and gets along with other dogs. Pepper will be heading to his Setter experienced furever home in Henderson, NV.

Zorro (now Woody)

Zorro is a sweet and busy 2 year young boy who is being adopted by his foster family near Bozeman, MT.

Lucy – Adoption Pending

Lucy was a stray in an OK shelter. She is about 6 years young and as sweet as she can be. Lucy is being adopted by her foster family in Tulsa, OK.


Daisy was rescued from a TX hunting ranch. She is a bit shy, very sweet and calm for her young age (4-5 yrs estimated). Daisy is being adopted by her foster family in Austin, TX.