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We have many wonderful dogs living in foster care, waiting for their forever homes. Check them out below. If you want to learn if an English Setter is right for you, read about Setters & You here. To apply to adopt one of our dogs click here

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These beautiful dogs are available for adoption now. Click on their pictures to learn more about them. 


Chili is a 3 year old boy who is looking for someone to teach him what life after a hunting ranch looks like. He is good with other dogs. Chili is in a foster home near Austin, TX. Check back for updates!

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Dozer is a 10 year young Munsterlander/Llewellyn cross looking for his forever home. He is a big boy at 70 lbs and will need a 6′ fenced yard to keep him safe. Dozer is in a foster home in Phoenix, AZ.

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Lady Bird

Lady Bird is a 10-11 year young sweetheart looking for her forever home. She gets along with other dogs and has not shown an interest in cats. Lady Bird needs a home with a 6′ fenced yard.

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Rio is a 4 year old lovebug who flunked out of a hunting ranch in 2020 and then spent 5 months with a family who had never had an ES. Good with dogs, he prefers a quieter home without children. Rio is in a foster home in Tulsa, OK.

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Two year old Sawyer lived at a hunting ranch where he was left behind years ago. Now he is a SWESR boy, fully vetted and ready for a patient, experienced home to show him the good life. He is in a foster home in Elmdale, KS.

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Three year old Suri was rescued from a mill/hoarding situation. She is not assumed to be safe with cats. Suri needs a securely fenced yard. She is in a foster home in Oklahoma City, OK.

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Garbo is a 1 year old cutie who loves other dogs and humans. She is a very active girl that needs a 6′ securely fenced yard.

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Cooper is a handsome 4 year old boy who is good with other dogs and very velcro with people. A Good Sam rescued him from a life threatening situation and contacted SWESR. This busy boy needs a good size and very secure 6′ non-climbable fenced yard where he can have plenty of supervised running time. Cooper is in a foster home near Dallas, TX.

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Johnny and Moira

Johnny and Moira are a bonded pair found running together and no owner could be located. Johnny looked Settery enough so we said yes to both of them. They are in a foster home in Edmond, OK.

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Foster/Foster-to-Adopt Homes Needed

These dogs are in need of a foster/foster-to-adopt home to help them on their journey to a forever home.


Gypsy is a 4 year young chestnut beauty that is selective with her dog companions and good with people. She is in the OKC OK area and is in need of a foster or foster to adopt home now. Check back for updates!

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Belita is an 8 year young registered Llewellin Setter beauty who is comfortable doing her own thing and will probably be ok as an only dog. She is looking for a dog experienced person with a Setter interesting good sized yard with 6 foot fencing. She has never lived with cats. Check back for updates!

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Ike is a confident and busy 3 year old boy who is ready for a foster/foster-to-adopt home to call his own. He is good with other dogs and ready for love. Ike is at a boarding facility North of Austin, TX. Check back for updates!

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Five year old Boone in Salt Lake City, UT is looking for a foster or foster-to-adopt home that is experienced with high energy Setters. Check back for updates!

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Dogs that are Just Rescued, Under Evaluation, Available Soon or with a Foster-to-Adopt Home

The following English Setters are not yet ready for adoption, but we will be posting more information about them soon. Please check back soon and often to follow these dogs on their rescue journey.

Pixie – Just Rescued

Pixie is a 3 year young, very busy girl. With her short legs and body structure, there is a possibility she is a dwarf ES. She has a good prey drive and loves all the dogs she’s met in rescue. She will need an active adult home where someone is home most of the time and doors and gates are kept closed and secure. Pixie will be with a foster in Edmond, OK as soon as her vetting is completed. Check back for updates!

Starr – Just Rescued

Starr can work a yard like a pro which isn’t a surprise. After 10 years on hunting ranches this busy, sweet, girl is learning about retirement and will be ready for a furever home as soon as she has a dental. She is in a foster home near Austin, TX. Check back for updates!

Rozee – In a Foster-to-Adopt Home

Rozee is a 6 year young active, registered Llewellin Setter. She is in a Setter experienced foster-to-adopt home near Houston, TX. Check back for updates!

Bells – Under Evaluation

Bells is almost 9 years young. She loves people, bonds quickly and leans in for love. She is good with other dogs. Bells is in a foster home near Houston, TX. and is under evaluation for a torn ACL.Check back for updates!

Charles – Under Evaluation

At 5-7 years young Charles is the perfect age and has a great temperament. He was surrendered to SWESR because his owner did not have a fenced yard and could not care for him. Charles loves people and is good with other dogs. He is in a foster home in OKC, OK. Check back for updates!

Legend – Available Soon

Three year old Legend and her sisters came to rescue after their owner passed away. She is in a foster home where she will learn about living in a home. She is crate trained, needs a home without cats, and a securely fenced yard. Legend is in a foster home in Los Lunas, NM. Check back for updates!