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We have many wonderful dogs living in foster care, waiting for their forever homes. Check them out below. If you want to learn if an English Setter is right for you, read about Setters & You here. To apply to adopt one of our dogs click here

Available Now!

These beautiful dogs are available for adoption now. Click on their pictures to learn more about them. 


Sweet little Stella is a 4 year young very busy girl. She is good with other dogs and will be looking for a non-hunting home with 6 foot fences. She is in a foster home in OKC, OK.

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Zippity is 2-3 years young, timid, sweet and good with other dogs. He is in a foster home in the San Antonio area. Check back for updates!

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Willow – Foster-to-Adopt/Adoptive Home Needed

Sweet Willow is 6 years young, and not high energy for her age/breed. She loves the outdoors and must have a fenced yard. She is not a candidate for a hunting home and we do not know that she would be ok with cats or kids. She is in the Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX area and is ready for a foster-to-adopt or adoptive home NOW!

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Rosebud is a 7 year young beauty who is very velcro and wants to be a lap dog. No hunting or cats. Needs 6 foot fences. She is in a foster home in S/Central TX.

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Rasmus is 6 years young and had multiple homes before making his way to rescue. He loves people, is good with cats and can be dominant with some dogs. Rasmus is in a Setter experienced foster home in KS.

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TJ is about 4 yrs young. He is sweet and timid. His owner passed away and he was a kennel/hunting dog but it turns out that hunting is not his thing. TJ would rather be sitting in your lap. TJ is is in a foster home in Oklahoma City, OK.

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Hollis is a 12 year young mix looking for a Furever Foster or adoptive home. She prefers a home where she will be an only dog. Hollis is in a foster home in Crawford, TX.

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Cute little pocket Setter Brie is about 4 years young. Brie is velcro with people, indifferent to other dogs and does not want to share couch snuggle time. Furniture privileges are a must!

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Garbo is a 1 year old cutie who loves other dogs and humans. She is a very active girl that needs a 6′ securely fenced yard.

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Johnny and Moira

Johnny and Moira are a bonded pair found running together and no owner could be located. Johnny looked Settery enough so we said yes to both of them. They are in a foster home in Edmond, OK.

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Foster/Foster-to-Adopt Homes Needed

These dogs are in need of a foster/foster-to-adopt home to help them on their journey to a forever home.


Buck is an 11 year old youngster who was rescued from a hunting ranch in TX because he couldn’t keep up. We are told he has previously lived in a home so he may be easier to transition to a house dog. He is in a boarding facility near Austin, TX. This sweet boy is looking for a foster or foster-to-adopt home. Check back for updates!

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Will is 7 years young and was rescued from a hunting ranch in TX where he was overheating on hunts. Momma was an English Setter but we are suspicious that Dad was not so he’ll be DNA tested. He is in a boarding facility near Austin, TX. This teddy bear of a dog is looking for a foster or foster-to-adopt home. Check back for updates!

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Belita – Foster/Foster-to-Adopt/Adoptive Home Needed

Belita is an 8 1/2 year young registered Llewellin Setter beauty who is comfortable doing her own thing and will probably be ok as an only dog. She is looking for a dog experienced person with a Setter interesting good sized yard with 5 foot fencing. She is not a candidate for a home with cats.

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Dogs that are Just Rescued, Under Evaluation, Available Soon or with a Foster-to-Adopt Home

The following English Setters are not yet ready for adoption, but we will be posting more information about them soon. Please check back soon and often to follow these dogs on their rescue journey.

Jax – In a Foster-to-Adopt Home

Jax is 2 years old and men scare him so his male owner who got him from a hunter the previous year contacted SWESR for help. Jax is now living in a long term female-only foster-to-adopt home in Phoenix, AZ where he will learn to trust and overcome his fear of people over time.

Elisha – In a Foster-to-Adopt Home

Elisha is 6 years old and he was surrendered to SWESR when he didn’t work out in his 2nd home in 4 years. This anxious boy is in a foster-to-adopt home in Grand Junction CO.

Bodie – Just Rescued

This young 11 month old boy is a treasure like no other. He is great with other dogs and needs a doggy friend and a large 6′ fenced yard to self exercise. He has a high prey drive – so no cats, and is a high flight risk. Currently in a foster home in Montana. Check back for updates!

Hedy – Available Soon

Hedy is a 10 month old typical field ES who loves to run. And that is what she did with her previous owner who didn’t have a fence – for days at a time. She is in a foster home in the Dallas area and needs a furever home with a physically fenced yard and plenty of room to run. Check back for updates!

Ike – Under Evaluation

Ike is an almost 4 year old boy and he is busy outside and cuddly inside. He needs time and supervision with new dogs and is good with inside cats. Furniture privileges are a must. Ike is under medical evaluation until he completes his Chagas treatment. He is in a foster home near San Antonio, TX.

Rozee – In a Foster-to-Adopt Home

Rozee is a 6 year young active, registered Llewellin Setter. She is in a Setter experienced foster-to-adopt home near Houston, TX. Check back for updates!

Charles – Available Soon

At 5-7 years young Charles is the perfect age and has a great temperament. He was surrendered to SWESR because his owner did not have a fenced yard and could not care for him. Charles loves people and is good with other dogs. He is in a foster home in OKC, OK. Check back for updates!