Seniors for Seniors

Senior Setters are the true gems in English Setter rescue. Senior adopters tend to have more time to offer a rescue dog. SWESR’s Seniors for Seniors program promotes the adoption of senior dogs (9 years and up) by senior adopters (65+ years). We are hoping to raise awareness of the amazing companionship of senior dogs and their compatibility with a retirement-aged lifestyle. 
About 15 percent of the dogs that SWESR rescues are 9+ years of age. When we hear of a senior in need we rush to rescue them as quickly as we can as they tend to have fewer rescue options than younger dogs. Sadly, senior dogs are much slower to adopt than younger dogs. Most people want a younger dog that will have more time with them. This is so sad for rescuers to hear because senior dogs have so much to give and they can’t help it that their time could be more limited than a younger dog. A senior dog’s stay in a rescue foster home can be one or more years in duration. Our favorite adoptions are the ones where families want to offer a forever home to a senior dog!
SWESR’s Seniors for Seniors program was created to recognize and thank people that are 65 or older for opening their homes to a dog that is 9 years or older. SWESR is extremely proud of this program because it helps ensure that our senior dogs are placed in appropriate forever homes where their lifestyle is well matched to that of their own golden years.
Senior Setters can be calmer companions and often are already trained. But do keep in mind that even senior Setters can still have plenty of energy and need daily exercise and stimulation.
Senior dogs adopted by approved, eligible adopters will have reduced adoption fees. Our senior dogs have a lot of life and love left to give; please consider making one part of your home.

Rocky– Nine year young Llewellyn Rocky was released to SWESR because of his skin allergies which are now under control with diet and regular Vet care. He is house trained and ok with indoor cats. He adores women and is a snuggly, wiggly boy. He can be anxious about other dogs and he will do best in a home where his person is gentle, patient and can spend time with him one-on-one. He is in a foster home in Boerne TX.