Lady Bird

Lady Bird

Introducing Lady Bird – an approximately 10-11 year young female English Setter (like the name didn’t give it away).  Through unfortunate circumstances she found herself in rescue and looking for a new home.  She’s a Setter, meaning she has those gorgeous long ears and they didn’t get the proper care, so she got ear infections that her former family didn’t want to deal with it, hence dumped at the pound and rescued by SWESR!  We know Lady Bird was adopted from the same shelter two and a half years ago, but aren’t sure what her history is prior to that.  Because of the condition of her ears, the shelter vets worked on her for quite awhile before she was released to SWESR. 

So, a little about Lady Bird…  What a sweetie and super adorable.  Yeah, that’s right – she’s not ashamed to admit it.  Now, full disclosure – she loves her pats and hugs.  She’ll put her head in your lap, she’ll fall asleep under your feet or under your office chair (be careful where you roll).  She rides very nicely in the truck – sits up, looks around, lays down, sits up, looks around some more, lays back down, doesn’t pace or get excited.  Loves it when you touch her when sitting in the seat next to you.  Very responsive to ‘no’ (that had to do with the litter box).   BUT, show her a bird or a squirrel (or even a fly) and she’ll dump you in a heartbeat.  When you call this girl a Setter, there is no kidding around – when her attention is focused, it’s focused!  If she loses sight of what she knows is in the trees, she’ll lay on the grass and watch intently.  But, she loves to go from tree to tree where the grasses, tree starts (and yes, weeds) grow – like camouflage.  Lady Bird may be considered a senior, but she is by no means a sedate dog when doing her Setter thing – well, unless you consider being able to ‘set’ for long periods sedate!  She does need a nice secure yard – a 6ft fence would be best. 

So, the ears.  The shelter vets got Lady Bird’s ears cleared up and found there wasn’t the severe damage they first thought.  With regular vet care and an appropriate diet there should be no problems.  Right now, she’s on a Limited Ingredient Diet.   

Lady Bird gets along with other dogs and could care less about cats.  She’s  spent a little time in doggie daycare and got along great, but did spend a little time in time out at the front desk because a little French Bulldog irritated her.  So, a home with smaller dogs might not be best.  She’s crate trained and house trained, but doesn’t like to be left alone very much. 

Lady Bird is vaccinated, microchipped, spayed and in a foster home in Boise, Idaho.  A little out of SWESR’s geographical area, but she’s such a special girl – who could resist?  Lady Bird has been in foster care a little over a week now.  As we learn more, we will update, but we do know enough now to know she’s a special girl.