Starr is a stunning, confident, tri color girl who turned 10 a few days after she was retired from a hunting ranch and rescued by SWESR. She has some arthritis that was slowing her down from her professional hunting career but this does not slow her down from working the 1 acre fenced yard in her foster home. She can easily do more than 20,000 steps a day self-exercising so she will need a home with a secure fenced yard and plenty of room to run and interesting features to stimulate her trained and natural hunting instincts. She is in a clinical trial for a new joint supplement and based on the 30,000 steps she did yesterday we think it is helping. She is currently wearing a Fi GPS collar that counts her steps and measures walks. She would enjoy daily walks, and an interesting good size yard for self-exercising is a must. If she gets enough exercise outside daily, she is calm inside. 

Starr is ok with other dogs and her preference is to be left alone and do her own thing. She was slightly growly in the first few weeks when another animal approached her inside and she was laying down, but that has mostly subsided now that she has settled in with her new pack. She has been great with other dogs outside from the first day in her foster home. She is also good with cats as long as they don’t push into her space. 

Starr loves everyone she meets, men and women. She has not lived in a home with children but we think she would be fine in a home with children 7+ years or older as long as the kids don’t use any doors/gates that would allow Starr to bolt/escape, because this active girl will take any opportunity she gets to go for a hunting run about. She is an “adults” dog and shouldn’t be expected to play with or entertain children.

Starr is crate trained and only had one accident in the house when she first arrived. She was supervised for about a month to reinforce house training and manners and any new home should do the same to set her up for success. She has learned to love furniture privileges so this is a must and her favorite place is on the couch next to her person. She is a very good traveler in the car.

Starr is fully vetted and is available for adoption. She is in a foster home near Austin, TX.