Adopted Dogs

This page includes pictures of some of our dogs that have been Adopted and those that are Adoption Pending (the adoption is not yet finalized or the dog has not yet transported to the adopting home).

Bells – Adoption Pending

Bells is almost 9 years young. She loves people, bonds quickly and leans in for love. After taking her through ACL surgery, Bells foster family has decided to adopt her. Lucky girl!

Tracee – Adoption Pending

Beautiful 3 year old Tracee is going through heartworm treatment and then she will be heading to her furever home in Blowing Rock, NC to join her wonderful new parents and SWESR Rio. Lucky girl!


Rio is a 4 year old lovebug who flunked out of a hunting ranch in 2020 and then spent 5 months with a family who had never had an ES. This lucky boy will be heading to a SWESR previous adopter in Blowing Rock, NC!

Trigger (now Bowie)

One year old Trigger is heading to his furever home near Denver, CO. This lucky boy will join his new moms and German Shepherd Mickey.


Chili is a 3 year old boy who is looking for someone to teach him what life after a hunting ranch looks like. Chili will join his new parents and SWESR Penny in Dallas, TX.


Pixie is a 3 year young, very busy girl. With her short legs and body structure, there is a possibility she is a dwarf ES. Pixie’s foster family in Edmond, OK has decided to adopt her!

Legend (now Lucy)

Three year old Legend and her sisters came to rescue after their owner passed away. This sweet girl has won the hearts of her foster parents and will be adopted by them.

Liz (now Tai)

Liz is a beautiful 8 year young girl. She is being adopted by her Setter experienced foster family in Santa Fe, NM.


Boone is a handsome 5 year old Setter. He will be heading to his ES experienced dad in Austin. This lucky boy will enjoy walks and runs with his new dad.


Aoife is a 1 year old sweetie who came to SWESR when her owner could no longer care for her. Her foster family in Tucson, AZ has decided to adopt her.


Walker is a 5 year old big teddy bear lovebug who we believe to be an English Setter/Lab mix. He is being adopted by his amazing foster dads in Round Rock TX.


After 10 years on hunting ranches sweet Starr is learning about retirement. This lucky, lucky girl is being adopted by her incredible foster family and SWESR Sugar near Austin, TX.


Dozer is a 10 year young Munsterlander/Llewellyn cross. He is a big boy at 70 lbs. Dozer joins his new family in Phoenix, AZ where he will enjoy a lot of walks with his new mom.

Sawyer (now Tom Sawyer)

Two year old Sawyer lived at a hunting ranch where he was left behind years ago. This active boy will be heading to WY to join his new parents and IS Lili. Fun times ahead for Sawyer.


Roscoe is a 1.5 year old ES who was adopted from a UT shelter in May 2021 by a couple that did not understand the energy and needs of a young ES. He is being adopted by his foster family near Denver, CO.