Adopted Dogs

This page includes pictures of some of our dogs that have been Adopted and those that are Adoption Pending (the adoption is not yet finalized or the dog has not yet transported to the adopting home).

Harvey – Adoption Pending

Harvey is a 2 year old youngster who is a happy boy who gets along with other dogs. He will be heading to Georgetown, TX to join his new parents and Evie, a Golden Retriever mix.

Katy – Adoption Pending

Katy is 3 years young, sweet and about 35 lb. She came to SWESR because she is gun shy. Katy is being adopted by her foster mom near Dallas, TX.

Abigail – (now Bell)

Abigail is 8 months old and currently with SWESR’s Advisory Vet in Frisco, TX. She will be joining her new family in Brandon, MS.


Adam is 8 months old and currently with SWESR’s Advisory Vet in Frisco, TX. This sweet boy will be heading to his Setter experienced home in Denver, CO. Lucky boy!


Beauty was surrendered to a remote South TX shelter. She is about 5 years young and in our opinion calm for a field ES her age. She will be joining her new family and SWESR Chooty in Fruita, CO.


One year old Stevie’s family could not give her what she needs. This sweet girl is heading to her Setter experienced home near Denver, CO.

Luc – Adoption Pending

Luc is a 10 month old bundle of field ES youngster energy. He will need a home with a secure and interesting fenced yard. Luc is being adopted by his foster family in Henderson NV.


Chipper is a sweet, active English Setter/Great Pyrenees mix. Because of his guarding/behavior issues, Chipper will stay with his foster mom as a SWESR Forever Foster.

Johnny and Moira

Johnny and Moira are a bonded pair found running together and no owner could be located. Johnny looked Settery enough so we said yes to both of them. They are being adopted by their incredible foster mom in Edmond, OK.

Noel – now Belle

Noel is a 7 year old beauty that was left at a shelter in Oklahoma by her previous owner. She is being adopted by her foster home in OKC, OK.

Spur – Adoption Pending

Spur is a 5.5 year young handsome boy that is learning about the joys of being a house dog. Spur will be joining his Setter experienced dad in Las Vegas, NV

Maggie and Myha

Maggie and Myha are 10 year young Setter sisters. They were rescued in partnership with Western States ES Rescue. The man that owned them since they were puppies passed away. They have joined their Setter experienced family in Boulder, CO.


Birdie is 6 months old and she was surrendered to a CO shelter because her owners were moving and couldn’t give her the time she needed. We are fairly confident she is 100% Setter and likely one parent was an Irish Setter ~ she has the looks, energy level and personality of a field Setter.
Birdie will be joining her new parents and SWESR Lincoln in Austin, TX. Lucky girl!

Indy (now Bunker)

Indy is a 4.5 month old pup. He has been adopted by his foster family in Southlake, TX.