Apply to Adopt or Foster

On this page you will find our application to adopt and/or foster. Our adoption fee is $350.00 for a dog under 1 year old, $300.00 for a dog 1-9 years old, and $250.00 for Seniors over 9 years old. Some dogs may be available for a lower fee and these exceptions will be noted in the dog’s biography. See our “About Us” page link above for more information about adopting from SWESR. Click here for our Adoption Requirements. If you are new to English Setters, please click here to review our page “Is an ES Right For You?” before submitting an application.

Thank you for considering adopting or fostering a rescue English Setter. We work hard to make the best possible match between our dogs and our approved adopters and fosters. Please fill out the form below as completely as you can. A complete application will enable us learn more about your request, so that if your application is approved we can help you to adopt/foster a Setter that matches your expectations and situation. If you have all of the necessary information handy, the application should take 10-15 minutes to complete.

Please do not leave any questions blank as we are not able to process an incomplete application. An (*) indicates a required field. Mark (N/A) for any questions that do not apply to you. Use your Tab key or mouse to move between questions. **Do not hit the Enter key until you are ready to submit the form.** If there are incomplete required fields, the form will not be submitted and you will be prompted to complete them before you can submit. We look forward to receiving your application. Thank you!