Furever Foster

Lady Daphney

Lady Daphney is a purebred Large Munsterlander. She is 8 years old. She joined SWESR’s Furever Foster program because of her severe separation anxiety. She is happy and adjusted well with her foster family where she is now home for good.


12-13 year old Shotzie has some personality and behavioral issues that made him a good candidate for the Furever Foster program. He found his Furever Foster home in the Texas Hill Country with one of SWESR’s founders.


William is a handsome 4-5 year old boy, rescued from a TX shelter. Due to his lack of trust and socialization, he will remain with his foster family in Oklahoma City, OK as a SWESR Furever Foster.


Eleven year old Manny is very birdy and independent. Manny loves the lifestyle in his Texas Hill Country foster home so much that he convinced his foster mom and dad that there is no better or safer place for a flight risk crazy country boy like him to live.


Twelve year old Brett (now Dio) lived a hard life before he wandered up to a Good Sam’s home in East TX. Now he is a SWESR Furever Foster living the good life in Denver, CO.


Sweet 8 year young Matilda is staying in her SWESR Furever Foster home in San Antonio, TX where she will spend the rest of her life with a family who will provide her with love and understanding. 


Seven year old Higgins recently returned to SWESR after being in an adopted home for 4 years. This lucky boy is a SWESR Furever Foster living with his foster parents near San Antonio, TX


Paige is a sweet 8 year old who has lived most of her life in a 6’ by 6’ pen. She has found her SWESR Furever Foster home in the beautiful Texas hill country with her foster parents, her Setter mix brother Shiner and German Shorthair Pointer sister Molly.