Chipper is a happy, active, 3.5 year-old, neutered male Great Pyrenees /  English Setter mix. Chipper is not a candidate for homes with children or cats. He is currently only available for adoption in the state of Texas, and he would prefer a home where he is not left alone for more than 4-6 hours at a time. 

Chipper loves to run and play with other dogs. He needs a home with another playful dog who enjoys chasing and wrestling. 

Chipper inherited a protective, guardian personality from his Great Pyrenees ancestors and barks when he is alerted to activity outside of his home. He is wary of strangers in his house, so he is crated when repairmen are working in his foster home.  A securely fenced yard is a must for Chipper because he can be stubborn and will not always come when called.

Chipper had surgery on his right, rear knee to fix a dislocated knee cap (patella luxation). He initially had a grade 4 luxation that required surgery to fix. He currently has a grade 2 luxation that does not require further surgery. This means that Chipper has some scar tissue and stiffness in his knee and has a slight limp when he walks on his right rear leg. He is able to play, jump, and run like a normal young dog. He will lay down and take breaks from playing when his knee gets tired. Caution should be used during activities that will require sustained activity, such as hiking or jogging on leash, but otherwise Chipper’s injury does not impede his movement or quality of life. 

Chipper likes people and enjoys affection. After plenty of exercise, Chipper is calm in the house and normally chooses to rest on a dog bed or the floor. From time to time he will sit on the couch with the humans. Chipper does not enjoy sharing his bed with other dogs. He rides quietly in the car, but sometimes needs to be lifted in at first. Chipper does not like to share his food with other dogs and should be fed and given treats separately from other pets.

Chipper is crate trained and rests quietly in his crate when left alone. Chipper is potty-trained and knows how to use a doggy-door. He is head-shy and does not like having his collar grabbed. Chipper’s family will get the best results from using positive reinforcement training and avoiding harsh discipline, because Chipper is very sensitive. 

Chipper will do best in a home with lots of structure and love and with at least one other friendly dog. If you are looking for a fun, loyal companion Chipper may be the right dog for you!

Chipper is in a foster home near Austin, TX and is current on all of his vaccinations.