Ike is one of the most unique English Setters I’ve ever fostered and not everyone’s cup of tea. Please only apply to adopt him after reading and understanding all of his quirks, issues and needs. At this time we are only considering applications within a 5 hour driving distance of San Antonio so Ike doesn’t go too far away from his safety net foster home.

Who can go from napping on the couch to a pacing and panting anxiety mess in seconds, Ike can! External noises trigger an instant anxiety. It could be a neighbor mowing the lawn or a loud vehicle passing and it can take an hour or more after the event quiets for Ike to get out of anxiety mode. He often needs something to break the anxiety, a trip outside to run in his fenced yard works best. If it has been a particularly stressful day with lots of external noises, he often won’t eat. Ike needs a predictable, controlled environment with an established routine. He is not a candidate for a hunting home or a home with kids. He is not a candidate for an apartment or a home without physical fencing. 

Ike is almost 5 years young and he has been in rescue foster care for over a year now. He had Chagas, which has been cured. He had a reaction to one of the medications so he stayed in foster care for the duration of the treatment for close monitoring. 

This sweet, quirky boy is ready for a furever home but it will need to be a very special person and home. His prey drive is strong and he must have a home with a medium or large Setter-interesting yard that has very secure physical fencing that is at least 5 feet tall. He loves to run and generally prefers you to be outside with him. He is inclined to overdo his runs and you should be nearby to bring him inside if he appears to be running to exhaustion. He recovers from overdoing it very fast with careful supervision by his person. 

Ike is good with inside cats that don’t run or hide from him. Because of his strong prey drive we would not trust him with outside cats. 

Here are the things that Ike’s furever person should have:

  • A country lifestyle with natural grasses that don’t need to be mowed often and without nearby neighbors mowing/doing yard work. 
  • Able to sit with him while he eats telling him he is a good boy and that mowing noise he heard 2 hours ago is not coming after him. 
  • Affection and cuddling, lots of this both when he is calm and when he is nervous about some perceived threat outside.
  • Strong skills reading dogs cues to other dogs because Ike’s doggy social skills are iffy. With slow and controlled introductions he is fine with dogs that have good social skills and that don’t trigger if Ike gets too worked up. He will never be a dog park dog.
  • You are home most of the time. Ike is fine crated (giant plastic crate only) as long as he isn’t worked up in an anxious state. You need to be there to reassure him. 
  • Another active and playful dog that is balanced and has great social skills would be a big plus.
  • Toys, lots of toys, both inside and out. Ike LOVES toys and they are a good way to distract him from his anxiety issues and from overdoing things outside. 
  • Patience, lots of patience. 

If you can give these things to Ike, he will reward you with endless love and affection. 

Ike is neutered, up to date on vaccines and ready for his “furever” home. He is in a foster home near San Antonio, TX.