Rocky’s foster mom calls him Rockstar, and for good reason. He’s a handsome Llewellyn boy with a sweet face that will melt your heart. And like some rockstars, he does have his quirks. But we’re sure that in the right home, 9 year young Rocky will flourish as a companion and family member. He’s house-trained, adores people and so wants to be adored in return. He is looking for a home where he has a female caretaker and his person will be around most of the time.

He’s had a bit of a tough go. He was initially a hunting ranch reject. Hunting is definitely not his thing, he doesn’t even really like to be outside for very long and he hates to get his feet wet. After the hunting ranch he was in a home for six years before he was released to SWESR because his family was not able or willing to deal with his skin allergies. His allergies are under control with diet and allergy medication.

Rocky’s doggy social skills are not great. He requires controlled/slow intros with other dogs and is not a candidate for dog parks. He lacks confidence and would not be good in a home with dominate male dogs or sick/weaker dogs. He’ll be best as an only dog or with a calm dog that leaves him alone. He is ok with inside cats, no outside cats.

What Rocky most needs is a stable environment and consistent loving attention to help him realize that he’s OK and that he belongs! He will always have some anxiety but after what he has been through, coupled with the sensitive nature of an English Setter, that is understandable. He is most comfortable with women and has a bit of a watch dog and retreat mentality, which means he will always bark when there is a car in the driveway or someone at the door. He often barks when his foster Dad enters the room where he is with his foster Mom, so any men in the home would have to be gentle and patient. No kids because of this anxiety and his desire for a calm home.

Rocky loves to snuggle and wiggles his gratitude for any attention. He is very excited on leash and pulls like a draft horse. He needs a strong and steady person to work on his leash skills with him. He would not be good in a home with elderly people. He needs a home with a fenced yard that is interesting for a Setter. Having the opportunity for regular exercise is key to Rocky’s long-term happiness and health. He has moderate hip dysplasia, which is common for our breed, does not require surgery and does not slow him down one bit. He will be fine with 4 foot fencing.

One of Rocky’s most distinctive features is how intensely he looks straight into your eyes and seems to ask “will you love me?” The person who says “yes” will have a fantastic new friend and companion for life if they are just patient with him.

Rocky is neutered, up to date on vaccines and tests, microchipped, and on heartworm preventative. He is in a foster home in Boerne, TX and is available for adoption in the Texas area.