Libby is a very sweet and gentle 2 year old youngster who was rescued from a shelter in Colorado after having a litter of puppies. Because of her natural prey drive, cats are a no, that is why she was returned to the shelter and SWESR was allowed to pull her. 

She is in a foster home with adults, two other Setters and a large fenced yard. She’s never lived in a home with young children. She does well with the people and Setters in the home and will be happiest in a home with another active dog. Libby is a very active dog, even for a field Setter, and enjoys and needs a large and interesting yard to self exercise multiple times a day. Libby watches for squirrels and bunnies from upstairs and squeals at the back door to go out for a chase. She rarely barks unless the other dogs are barking. Like many field Setters, Libby has a strong escape drive and will run off if given the chance so her home needs at least a 5 foot no climb fence that is very secure. For this reason, all doors and gates in the home should be very secure, always kept closed and opened very carefully. Libby would not be safe with off-leash activities. 

Libby needs more training and guidance to make good decisions than a first time dog owner would be able to provide. She will benefit from a person that will take her to training classes and work with her on her doggy social skills outside of the home. She was never taken anywhere or socialized in her home before the shelter. She needs an experienced person and close supervision in doggy social situations outside of the home, including dog parks. 

She loves to play with squeaky toys and will throw them in the air. Libby is housetrained and crate trained. It didn’t take Libby long to decide rescue was a pretty cool gig. She has full run of the house and large fenced yard and someone is almost always home which suits this high energy girl very well. 

Libby is a typical Setter in that she can be Velcro with her people after she’s had plenty of opportunity to self-exercise outside. 

Libby is fully vaccinated, spayed and ready for her forever home. Libby is currently in a foster home near Denver, Colorado.