Libby is almost 3 years young and she is a beautiful blue girl with loads of heart and energy. She’s a petite girl at only about 42 lbs. She came from a back yard breeding situation. Libby and several of her puppies were surrendered to a shelter. The shelter was told they were Brittany/English Setter and the puppies went to Brittany rescue. Brit rescue contacted SWESR about Libby because she looks ES and we agree. 

Libby is in a home with two other Setters and we think she would do best as an only dog. Most of the time there is no issue and she is fine with the other dogs. But she is very affectionate and adores her people, so much so that she doesn’t want to share the people with other dogs. A home where she has her person all to herself would be ideal for Libby. 

Libby needs a home with a secure, good-sized and interesting yard where she can run, hunt and play. She does not bark or dig when she’s outside. She is in a home with 6 foot privacy fences and has shown no interest in fence climbing. However, she is a typical birdie field type Setter and if there are any weaknesses in the fence, she will go under or through. We have a Fi GPS collar on her and that will transfer with her. She’s not a candidate for dog park exercising as unfamiliar dogs can make her apprehensive. 

Libby is crate and house trained. She has a high prey drive and she is not a candidate for a home with cats.

Libby is anxious in the car, she likely associates it with getting left at a shelter and going to the Vet. Like most field ES, she would benefit from someone working with her on leash skills. Libby’s favorite things are treats, toys and attention from people. She loves every person she meets. And unlike many field ES, loud noises do not upset her. 

Libby is looking for a person that will provide her with leadership, guidance and training. Because of her high prey drive and energy level, sporting dog experience is highly desirable. She will reward your time and efforts with endless affection. She is in a home near Denver, CO.