Liam is a 5 year young, 55 lb, happy, strong field English Setter. He has come to love cuddles from his foster Mom and will crawl in my lap. Furniture privileges are a must for this physical teddy-bear boy. He is looking for a calm, patient and experienced home. Living inside is a completely new world to him, he looks all around like a young kid experiencing sights and sounds for the first time, in awe and sometimes not sure what to think. He will retreat to his crate or a cubby hole in my office if a noise scares him or he needs a quiet place. For this reason, he is not a candidate for a busy home with kids. 

Liam is still learning house manners and watching for his cues is important. If he’s been outside to potty, he will not hike his leg in the house. But if he hasn’t been outside for several hours he will come to you and pace when he needs to go out. Supervision, belly bands and regular potty breaks are important. Liam excels at learning the routine of the house quickly and fitting right in with the pack. He is learning to use his voice when he has something to say. He’ll talk to people walking dogs on his street, to a bird in the tree, and to his foster Mom when he wants something. Liam LOVES toys, both inside and outside, his favorites are durable toys he can chew. 

Liam needs a home with secure 5 foot fencing. I’m not sure if he would actually go over a shorter fence but he does go vertical on fences to get a better look at something and he can look over shorter fences. That coupled with his typical ES prey drive makes me think sturdy 5 foot fences are best for his safety and security. A Setter-interesting yard is a must for Liam. He LOVES working the yard, self exercising and running and playing with another dog or toys. He is happy in a stimulating outside environment, and he has a constant Setter smile when he’s outside doing his thing. He is not a candidate for an apartment or a home without a physical fence. Liam is a solid, strong boy so he’ll need a person that is steady on their feet and can work on his leash training. 

Liam’s dog social skills are good. He joined a foster home with another foster dog that does not have good doggy social skills and triggers to a scuffle very easily. So the two boys only met through a crate or a fence for the first days after Liam arrived and by the time they were introduced outside Liam was very respectful of the other dog’s space. After about a month, the boys are BFFs that run and play together and when the other foster dog triggers into inappropriate behavior, Liam does not react. The two boys play is very physical, Liam’s play buddy is a 40 lb ES. Sometimes Liam will crouch and wait for Ike to run by so he can intercept him. Another active and playful dog that is 40+ lbs in the home would help Liam’s happiness and integration into his new home. Liam does not need a home with ES experience, but he does need a home that has experience with bigger dogs. He’s a bit much for the two smaller and senior ES females in his foster home and he’s learned to stay out of their way and vice versa. 

We don’t know if Liam previously lived with cats, we speculate that he had some experience with cats. He was interested in a waggy tail kind of way initially. It only took a couple of weeks for the bossy cat in the home to train him in proper cat etiquette, which is leave us alone. We think he will be fine with slow/proper intros to cats in a home where the cats do not run/hide. We do not think he would be safe with outside cats. 

Liam is an AMAZING dog and in the right home he will blossom and thrive.

Liam is neutered, microchipped and up to date on vaccinations. He is in a foster home near San Antonio, TX.