SWESR Gypsy came from rural Oklahoma when her owner was no longer able to care for her.  She was brought to a family member’s home but was not getting along with one of the resident dogs so the family reached out to rescue.  She came into rescue in August and has been in a foster home in Edmond, Oklahoma since then. 

Since living in her foster home Gypsy has been around an inside cat and does not seem very interested.  Her prey drive may kick in if she sees a cat outside or if one runs from her.  She does not like to be outside alone and prefers to go out with other dogs and mostly prefers if her person is out with her. Gypsy will run a bit but then waits by the door to go back inside. The only time she has challenged the stockade fence in her foster home was when a squirrel ran along the top of the fence chattering at her!  She did not jump over but did reach the top of the 6 foot fence with her front feet. For this reason, Gypsy needs a home with a 6’ no climb fenced yard.

She is very happy to sleep in her crate and will bark with excitement to go out in the morning.  She loves her food and while she has not shown any food aggression, feeding her alone in her crate is recommended.  She doesn’t really play with toys but has started working on a deer antler that is available for her to chew.  

Gypsy has some significant storm anxiety.  Oklahoma has lots of noisy weather so there has been opportunity to try to figure out how to make her most comfortable during thunder, hail, high wind, and downpours.  A ThunderShirt helps her a bit and prescription Sileo gel is fast acting and helpful to keep her calm.  She did break out of a wire crate twice in her anxiety so for that reason her heavy duty 42 inch crate on casters will go with her. 

While there are no children in her foster home Gypsy did have children in her interim home and did get along with them fabulously. Caution should always be used when introducing children to a new dog of course. Escape prone ES like Gypsy are only candidates for homes with children when there are safe guards in place so the Setter would never have the opportunity to bolt through doors and gates used by children. She is very sweet and friendly when meeting new people and always leans in for a pet or hug.  Gypsy has done very well meeting the other dogs in her foster home.  While she was a little stiff at first she now greets them happily and romps around the yard with them.  

Since Gypsy is so motivated by food she is easy to direct with training treats. She does have good recall in the yard but of course this has not been tested in the open.  She willingly goes into her crate for a treat and when she is out of the crate enjoys furniture privileges.  She is silly and regal all at the same time.  Gypsy appears to be housebroken and is excited on leash but not a huge puller.  She is typical size for a field setter, around 40 pounds.  

Gypsy is up to date on all vaccinations and is microchipped.