Brie is a 4 year old sweet and sensitive 31 lb. pocket English Setter who is looking for a “furever” home where she can be the princess of the castle. 

Brie has come a long way in her time with her foster family. She arrived in heat and full of hormones, but once spayed the shine appeared on this diamond in the rough. Brie is fully house and crate trained. Brie knows her name and is very responsive to learning new things. It is always a great idea to sign up for obedience classes to help bond with a new dog and she would definitely benefit. Brie seems to have been a tool of the hunt and has fully embraced being a part of the family. She adores her humans and wants to be near them when she is not hunting squirrels and birds out of the window and butterflies in the yard. She has befriended the young male setter in the house and can be found wrestling with him several times a day. To say Brie has made progress by leaps and bounds is an understatement! She is definitely a diamond in the rough!

Brie has a typical field ES prey drive, independent outside and good at self-exercising, so she will need a large and interesting yard with at least a 6 foot fence. Inside she is velcro and all about her people. As the princess, she is not interested in sharing her snuggle time/place so she would not be a good match with another needy, velcro dog. Furniture privileges are a must for this little cuddle bug.

Brie is looking for a busy and active home and is a candidate for an only dog home or maybe 1 or 2 male dogs as long as they are not competitive for people time/attention and you take time for acclimation and integration. 

Like most field ES, Brie will bolt if a door or gate is left open so a very secure home is a must. It took 2 weeks for local animal control to catch her when she was loose as a stray in East TX. We’ve not had her in a home with children so only kids 12+ and only if doors and gates are secure so Brie cannot escape. She’s not been tested with cats so we cannot assume she would be safe in a home with a cat, especially outside cats. 

Are you the person Brie is looking for to shower her with love and attention?