Eddie and Samson – Courtesy Post

Eddie and Samson – Courtesy Post

This is a courtesy post. SWESR is helping this family gather information and
look for a new home for their bonded pair of dogs. They are located in Utah. You’ll submit a SWESR
application that we will pass on to the owner. The adoption fee will be up
to the current owners. 

Eddie and Samson are a nearly 5 year old pair of boy/girl littermates that
my family adopted from a breeder in Vernal, Utah. Together, they make a fun,
balanced duo. As typical Llewelyn Setters, they require a lot of care and
attention that my family is now unable to give them. We value these dogs
very much, and are happy to hold on to them until we find any owner that we
feel is a right and comfortable fit. We are looking for anywhere from a
one-to-three month process of rehoming them. 

Eddie is the sister. She is sweet, affectionate, and gentle-natured. She has
always had a pension for physical touch, and will be sure to snuggle up to
you in anyway possible at the end of the day. She has an extremely large
prey drive. She is particularly attracted to shadows and glares on the
walls, which she may stare at for hours, unless otherwise discouraged. Like
her brother, she greatly enjoys time In the outdoors-whether that is
lounging in the shade, or chasing her brother for some much-needed exercise.

Samson is the brother. He is sassy, goofy, and loving. He loves to be pet
behind his ears and talked nicely to. We have had some issues with him
peeing in the house as of late, but I think that is more of an issue of
getting him out of the house, and getting him enough attention inside of the
home. (Note from SWESR: We have found belly bands to be very effective for
reinforcing housetraining with male dogs.) Samson, like his sister, requires
a lot of time outdoors each day, starting at an hour +. He is particularly
food-motivated, and can be very easily trained. He is also a bit of a food
hog, and will steal his sister’s food if he’s feeling sneaky! 

We have raised these puppies in a suburb of South Jordan Utah for most of
their life, and have a moderate sized yard that they have used as a
playground. We do have fencing around the yard, and they have been known to
sneak past/under and run through the neighborhood. These puppies would
thrive on a large, fenced property. I do think that with some patience,
love, and lots of yummy snacks, they could be taught re-call. 

These dogs are microchipped and have had their vaccinations. Both dogs were
spayed/ neutered within the first year. They are not field trial trained and
have no experience with hunting, gunshots, etc. They do set and point while
they are outside, though, and may be trainable in those regards. They have
been crate-trained, as they are fed all of their meals in the crate. They
have slept in the bed/floor of my room for most nights, so they may not be
used to spending a night inside of their crate. Socially, these puppies do
well with adults, and older (6+) children who understand boundaries. They
have shown a bit of territorial behavior when at the dog park, and sometimes
overwhelm other dogs, as they often run together as a two-headed menace.
They can be integrated into a home with another dog, as demonstrated
previously. They have not had any experience/ introduction to cats. 

As mentioned before, these puppies have been a cornerstone to a warm, loving
home environment. They have been great companions in recently hard times,
and are very emotionally invested into the home, as well. They would do
great with owners that can give them direct attention.