Thank You

Thank You for Applying to Adopt or Foster a SWESR Dog

Thank you very much for applying to adopt or foster a Southwest English Setter dog.

Please note that there likely will be delays in processing applications due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  Thank you for your patience and understanding during this difficult time and stay safe.

If your application looks like a good match for an English Setter, our first step is to contact your Vet reference (if applicable) to verify records for your current and/or previous dogs, including consistent purchases of heartworm preventative.

Next, one of our volunteers will email your personal references. Please make sure that you provided the name, relationship (no relatives or vets) and email addresses for at least two personal references.

Next, an applications team member will call you and chat on the phone about your application. Our goal is to call you within a week, but in busy times this may take longer.

The final step is the home visit. If another rescue group has already conducted a home visit, please email the contact information of the rescue or the home visitor. We may be able to utilize a previous home visit to complete this step.

If all of the requested information is not provided when you submit your application, it will be delayed and it may be closed. Same applies if we are not able to locate complete vet records and proof of heartworm preventative purchases.

Please contact us with any updated information, questions or comments during the application process via email at

We are very grateful to you for coming to rescue for your furry family member. We apologize for any delays as we work diligently to rescue dogs and get them into wonderful homes like yours!

If you have never had a field English Setter, please take a look out our web page Is An English Setter Right For You?

Thank you from the Southwest English Setter Rescue Applications Team