Sabra is a loving and vocal 10 month old Setter who is just starting to experience the world. She begins new experiences with some caution because she began in an outdoor kennel with minimal human contact and was never able to venture beyond the 20×20 fencing where she spent the first 10 months of her life.

The changes in Sabra since she has experienced freedom to explore a house, yard, and meet new people are profound. She needs at least a medium size yard to exercise and play in. Sabra loves to play with toys and will retrieve them for you. She is still cautious and sometimes growls to tell you she needs more time or reassuring. Sabra needs a forever family that will let her go slowly and become confident before pushing ahead to new adventures.

Sabra is very smart and has learned house training and feeding routines quickly. She is treat-motivated which helps with training. She is just beginning to learn leash etiquette and is friendly towards other dogs and children when she has been given time to get comfortable. No children under the age of 7 please. She has not lived with cats and cannot be assumed safe with them. Sabra will do best in a house with other dogs and where someone is home most of the day. She will sleep and stay in a kennel, but howls and whines to let you know she would rather be out (but is not destructive to the kennel or herself).

Sabra is spayed,  up to date on vaccines and tests, microchipped, and on heartworm preventative. She is in a foster home in San Antonio, TX.

SWESR would like to thank Susan W, Mary B, and Susan K for their generous donations towards Sabra’s medical care.