Meet Rasmus. This sweet 6 year young Setter lived in three homes before coming to rescue. He must have been misunderstood because I find him an absolute sweetheart. He is a gem. Yes Rasmus has some insecurities but nothing that cannot be worked on with a little patience. He is very perceptive.  Rasmus will mirror his person. So if you are chilled he will be chilled. But if you are high anxiety he will be high anxiety.  

Rasmus has very good house manners and respects my 24” baby gate in the doorways to the rooms he is restricted from. He will make himself comfortable on the couch, the floor, a dog bed, or his kennel.  Rasmus is not fond of being left alone. Initially he may have some separation anxiety that is typical for our breed. With patience and the time to settle in, he will overcome this. In about a week he was calming and settling in at his foster home. Rasmus loves car rides and would prefer to be with his person all day wherever they go. With a little patience and regular routine he now relaxes in his kennel while I am away.  

Rasmus was shy and a little defensive when he first met his foster brother. It took 5 days before they started playing with each other. Now they have a great time hunting the yard together.  Rasmus will do best with another dog in the home. He respects the fence so he should be fine with a 4’ fence. He loves a 5-10 minute run around the yard and he is ready to come back inside to hang with his person. He has been averaging less than 15k steps per day according to his Fi GPS tracking collar. Rasmus has great leash manners.  My home on the prairie is a bunny farm. He will alert to a running rabbit but he will not bolt. He is easily redirected to finish his walk. He is a Setter so would most likely give chase if not on a leash. Rasmus is doing well with his recall. I have introduced him to my special recall word PEANUTS and he comes a running every time. He is not high energy for our breed.

Rasmus has been great with my senior cat. At first he was a little unsure when my cat wanted to sleep on him but now he relaxes and enjoys the warmth.  

Rasmus can be a door/gate bolted if given the chance. He is learning to SIT and wait for his release word BREAK before moving through the door or gate. He is treat motivated and is eager to please. He does crack me up because he has to sniff his food before he eats. Rasmus will stop and sniff treats when we are training.  He is adorable and smart. He is learning to make some very good choices. In his previous homes it was reported that he would eat inappropriate things like socks and rags. So far with me he has not tried to eat anything that wasn’t food, however, he is under constant supervision just in case.  Rasmus is not recommended for a home with children as there would be too many things he could get into.  No soft small toys for this boy. He likes hard rubber toys like Kong bones. So far he respects dog beds and furniture with no inappropriate digging, chewing, or unstuffing. Rasmus has never bothered my shoes or slippers. He even ignores my knitting. I did catch him stealing a used paper towel that I left on the end table that was right under his nose. He has learned DROP very well.

Rasmus is a great guard dog. He will alert bark when he hears a strange sound and will respond to THANK YOU and stop. He will alert to loud noises but is not really bothered by them. He is not bothered by lightening or thunder but he might bark if things get really loud. He will bark out in the yard but not for long. He is easily redirected.

We have not investigated all of his social skills. Rasmus was very well behaved during his vet visits. He met many people, dogs and cats. He seems a little shy at first but he warms up quickly if given space to make the choice himself. Rasmus does have some insecurities but he is gaining confidence every day.  He seems to relax with routine. He is blossoming every day now that he has a predictable routine. He is not a candidate for hunting, apartment living or homes without fenced yards.

Rasmus is neutered, up to date on vaccinations and is ready for his “furever” home. He is living in a foster home near Elmdale, KS.