Maggie and Myha

Maggie and Myha

Maggie (orange) and Myha (tri) are 10.5 year young sisters and they’ve always been together so we are looking for a furever home where they can stay together. They are sweet, Velcro with people as well as goofy and lovable just like you’d expect a Setter to be. 

When their owner passed away, a family member contacted the local shelter about surrendering them. The shelter did not think their facility would be good for older dogs that are used to living inside a home and the shelter contacted ES rescue for help. M&M are in a foster home in Clancy MT and SWESR rescued them in partnership with Western States ES Rescue. 

M&M are housetrained. At night and when their foster parents aren’t home they are pet gated in a living area where Myha very much appreciates lounging on a couch and both girls are behaving very well. 

They are good on leash and enjoy walks. They enjoy being outside when the weather is nice, where Myha prefers lounging and Maggie enjoys sniffing and patrolling the yard. They are pretty chill outside and they prefer to relax inside with people. M&M are very people affectionate and willingly allowed their foster Mom to bathe and groom them shortly after arrival. They are good with the resident dogs, even when the resident dogs were not particularly happy about their arrival. It only took about 5 days to settle them in and get the resident dogs to accept them in the home. 

M&M are good in the car and great at the Vet, in typical ES fashion they enjoy any opportunity to find people that will pet them. They would be great candidates for first time English Setters owners as their recall is good and they behave like dogs that have been cared for. They have not shown an interest in running/escaping. We have not had them in a foster home with kids, but we think they would be good as long as the kids are respectful of dogs boundaries and aren’t too physical with them. We do not know if they would be safe with cats. 

Myha and Maggie will be easy girls to add to your home and they are the perfect ready-made Setter family for some lucky person or family.