Maple (now Bailey)

Maple (now Bailey)

Maple is a 100% sweet two year young girl who didn’t make the cut at the hunting ranch where she was born. But she definitely makes the cut as a fabulous dog!

Maple has so much potential to be a wonderful life companion. She has all the best Setter traits, especially sweetness, without some of the more challenging traits, like an escape drive or needing to run several marathons before noon each day. She is joyful, exuberant and curious. She welcomes all people and dogs with a smile and shows zero aggression. As a dog who lived kenneled for most of her life, she loves to explore her new world and is understandably excited about all new spaces, indoors and out. 

She will be the first to tell you that her leash and house manners are not highly refined, but she is so eager to learn and please. With time, patience and consistent guidance, she will soon be a queen of manners. But for now, she loves everyone and everything, and needs someone to help her channel her energy. 

SWESR has placed several other dogs from Maple’s ranch and all are doing well as house dogs. With their sweet temperaments, the main thing they need is time and patience to learn and comply with expectations. Maple’s temporary caregiver, who has had considerable ES experience, says Maple is busy, but not on the crazy side. She describes her as a medium energy girl who is not a candidate for a hunting home. She will be very happy and grateful to be a house dog and a loving and loved member of the family. 

Maple is not a barker and is absolutely great with other dogs. She has done some leash work but needs more practice and perhaps a gentle leader for a time to learn not to pull. She is excited to walk daily and patrol for birds and squirrels in the backyard. 

Maple is highly affectionate to all the people handling her and continues to come out of her shell more and more every day. She travels well in a vehicle and, while not yet fully house trained, is totally crate trained.

 Maple is fully vetted and is up-to-date on all vaccines. Will you be the one to welcome this fabulous young girl into your heart and home? She promises you a lifetime of love, loyalty and joy.