Johnny and Moira

Johnny and Moira

Johnny and Moira are a bonded pair who need to stay together. They have likely been together for their entire lives and have a loving dynamic that is a joy to see. Please note the individual details for each of them, as well as the information that applies to both.

About Johnny
Just like his namesake, Johnny Rose, SWESR’s Johnny believes that “People Love Pizzazz.” He loves to play rowdy and is mischievous. Snow and water make Johnny’s “pizzazz” really come out. Playing in them, he is absolutely joyful. Another of Johnny’s joys is a boisterous romp with his bonded buddy Moira. After a fun-filled frolic with her, he is happy to lounge in the house and chew on a nylabone. He is affectionate with humans and loves a good massage.

Like the youngster that he is, Johnny puts everything in his mouth–from the dog bed, to shoes, to toys. Johnny is a German Wirehaired Pointer. He is pure doggy joy.

About Moira
The beautiful Miss Moira has settled nicely into her foster home with her bonded buddy Johnny. She never has a grouchy moment, is affectionate, and loves to check everything out with her ever-busy nose. Like her famous namesake, Moira Rose, Miss Moira recently asked her foster mom “You do realize I’m a professional vocalist?” Her foster mom nodded in agreement as Miss Moira continued the conversation in her lovely professionally-trained dog voice. True to her breed, Moira is a Husky girl who loves to chat.

Moira and Johhny make a lovely bonded pair, with Moira being more dominant and Johhny not concerned about being the submissive one. Moira enjoys the snow and the doggie pool, running and wrestling with Johhny, but then settles nice indoors. 

Johnny and Moira
In their previous lives, Johnny and Moira were not shown the way to have proper house manners. Both are smart, treat-motivated and have already started clicker training. With gentle, consistent training, Johnny and Moira are learning the way to be great companions.

Because both of these dogs are big and active, they are not appropriate for a home with young children or frail adults. They are not cat safe, so a home without a cat is a must. Johnny and Moira will need a home with a secure fence of at least 6’ and room to stretch out and enjoy their boisterous style of play.

At about 4.5 years old, both these beautiful youngsters are house-trained, crate-trained, and fully vetted. They are currently in a foster home in Oklahoma and ready for adoption.