Hadrian (now Hank)

Hadrian (now Hank)

Hadrian is a 7 year old neutered male tri-color with a gorgeous classic Setter profile.  He came to the rescue from a private individual that did not have the time or resources to properly care for him.  He was heartworm positive and has been treated.  He has been on heartworm prevention since he came into rescue. He is a good-sized fellow, over 60 pounds.  Hadrian had some bad teeth when he was pulled into rescue and had those teeth extracted and the remainder cleaned.  He is now happy and healthy!!

Hadrian is crated when his foster is not home and sleeps in his crate at night.  He barks a couple of times when he is initially crated, then settles down with a nylabone or heavy duty chew toy.  Hadrian is grateful for his soft bed and curls up to sleep at night happily.  He has enjoyed furniture privileges at his foster home and is happy to lie next to you on the sofa.  

Hadrian is a bit of a puller on the leash but loves walking and smelling all the smells. He is walked using a martingale collar and leash.  Since he has finished his heartworm treatment and his activity is no longer restricted he has started to play with some of his foster siblings. Hadrian has enjoyed tag and romping with a male Setter around his size and two smaller female terrier mixes that he thinks are quite attractive.  He will do best with other dogs that are friendly and soft players.  He would be scared with rough play.  He is not considered cat safe as he indicates significant interest in the cat in his foster home.  

Hadrian is considered house trained but as is the case anytime a new dog comes into the home, he will need to be closely watched to ensure he maintains his good boy status.  He stays in a home with a 6-foot stockade fence and has not challenged the fence by climbing or digging at all.  He is a bit of a counter surfer and will go directly to the area where treats are kept and politely bring you the bag of treats so you can reward him with one of them.  

Hadrian rides splendidly in the car and loads up himself.  He should be tethered to prevent him from climbing onto your lap.  He is super smart about going to the bathroom immediately when he goes outside and then is ready to go back inside unless you stay out with him.  Hadrian would be fine with other dogs that are polite to him but he does not need to have other dogs around, all he needs is you.  He does come when you call him in the yard but he should not be considered safe for off leash in the wild.  Hadrian has not displayed storm anxiety but will bark when the doorbell rings or when he hears someone at the front door.  He eats twice a day and loves his food.  He is fed in his crate in the foster home.  He has never growled or nipped at anyone, human or otherwise.  

Hadrian’s energy is medium for a Setter, which is higher than other breeds, and would not be a good apartment candidate since he does need to stretch his legs a bit.  He is soft and sensitive and would be a wonderful companion.  His handsome looks match his personality.  

Hadrian is neutered, up to date on vaccinations, and is microchipped. He is in a foster home in Edmond, OK.