Forrest is a friendly, loyal 6 year old male, neutered English Setter. He is a velcro dog that will bond strongly with his primary caregiver. He would not mind being an only dog and would prefer a family that is not away from home more than 4 hours per day. He is house-trained and crate-trained. His energy level is typical of his breed, and he requires a securely fenced yard to run and explore. Forrest is not a candidate for a home with children under 18. 

Forrest is friendly around other dogs, although he is not fond of pushy dogs and prefers companions that are a little bit introverted, like himself. He is focused on his people and would do fine as an only dog so he can get lots of attention. He has not been tested around cats. 

Forrest will self-exercise in his yard, exploring the perimeter and looking for birds. He is happiest outside with his human watching him. He also likes toys and playing in the baby pool. Forrest would like a family that will allow him to snuggle with them on the furniture. 

Forrest is a pretty low-maintenance pet, however he does experience some anxiety during thunderstorms. He also needs to eat grain-free food to prevent food allergies. Typical for an English Setter, Forrest is an escape artist and will take advantage of open doors and gates to take off on an unsupervised run! His future family should take precautions with doors in order to keep him safe. 

Forrest is currently being fostered in San Antonio, TX and is up to date on all of his vaccinations.