On her very first day of rescue from a hunting ranch, Cokie peered out of her transport truck crate and both SWESR volunteers meeting her said: What a beauty. Since that day, we have learned so much more about this fabulous 4 year old girl. Yes, she is a leggy beauty with striking golden hazel eyes and very likely some Ryman breeding. But all who have met her also agree on her beauty within: unfailingly sweet, never aggressive, soft and sensitive, calm, gentle soul, loves to love.

Cokie loves to go for long walks and patrol the backyard for birds and squirrels. She loves her toys, other dogs and all people. She doesn’t like thunderstorms and despite not having separation anxiety, doesn’t like being left alone for hours on end. 

Cokie will be a great addition to a home with people looking for an active joyful outside companion on walking, hiking or running trails, and inside, a velcro buddy who joins you on the couch where she definitely belongs. She will be relieved to know you are either retired or work totally or mostly from home.

Cokie is great with other dogs but would not be good with cats. She loves people and attention. She is not crazy busy like many young English Setters, and she is calm inside as long as she gets plenty of outside exercise and stimulation. Cokie is very much an inside dog, is housetrained and good loose in the house unsupervised. Furniture privileges are a must in her new home. 

Cokie requires a home with a yard with 6 foot fences that is at least medium sized and interesting to explore and self-exercise. Daily walks are a must and she promises to get better and better on her leash.

Cokie is up to date on vaccinations and microchipped. She is in a home near Houston, TX. Are you the loving family she is looking for?