Chili is a beautiful 3 year old male English Setter who spent the first years of his life in a kennel and was not taken out very often. He is enjoying the comforts of life in a home with his foster family now, and is already potty-trained, crate-trained and doggy-door trained. Chili is a velcro dog who bonds strongly with humans and needs to have another playful dog in the home. Chili requires a securely fenced yard where he can run and play safely. We are not recommending Chili for homes with cats or children under the age of 7. 

Chili is a sweet, happy boy who is ready to be part of a loving, affectionate family. He gets along with a wide variety of dog personalities, but will be happiest with a doggy companion who wants to play with him. 

Chili is still adjusting to change and transition. His home is his comfort zone and when he leaves for a walk or a car ride, he will be nervous and may even freeze up until he adjusts. For example, he needs to be lifted into the car and rides very quietly. He also crouches low to the ground when he walks on a leash. Chili needs a family that will help him slowly adjust to these new situations and he should improve over time.  His crate is a safe place where he feels secure when new people or sounds in his home make him nervous. If he becomes frightened he may run and hide and we do not recommend taking him off leash outside of a securely fenced area. 

Chili loves people and enjoys cuddling and snuggling on the couch. He has a very soft temperament and is a people pleaser so positive reinforcement training will work best with him. When he came into rescue, he was very underweight but has almost reached his ideal weight of around 50 pounds. He is highly food motivated which will help with future training. Chili’s favorite activities are wrestling with other dogs and playing with toys. He is not very prey-driven and will not be a good candidate for hunting. Chili likes to find things to chew on and is currently crated when his family is not able to supervise him. 

Chili is neutered,  up to date on vaccines and tests, microchipped, and on heartworm preventative. He is in a foster home near Austin,TX.