Blanco is a GREAT dog! He is an energetic, 14 month old boy who loves to play! (His birthday is 1/24/22)  “Blaze” would be a better name for him due to his speed and beautiful, deep orange color. He is even more stunning in person!

Blanco came to rescue from a person who didn’t have the time or patience to teach him what Setters need to know about being a family pet. He is currently in a foster home with 3 very playful, young Setters in northern Colorado. He weighs 66 pounds and plays best with dogs who match him in size and energy! Due to his activity level, he would be too much for very small dogs or senior dogs.  Blanco “runs big” and he loves to throw his thick rope toy around the yard and and play-tug-of-war with the other dogs. One of his favorite things to do is run around the yard with his Nerf football while he squeaks it. He’s also getting very good at retrieving toys and bringing them back to you. Blanco needs a good-sized yard with a 5 foot tall physical fence to keep him safe. He is not a candidate for a home with an invisible fence. He has a very high prey drive and happily patrols the backyard looking for birds to chase. He also wants to meet and greet every dog he sees. Blanco is also keenly interested in the resident kitties so he should go to a home with no cats or small animals.

Blanco knows a few commands like sit, stay, come, kennel, etc. He is extremely treat motivated and wants to please! He had some initial hunt training with his previous owner.  Blanco is learning to walk on a leash, something that was completely new to him. His foster dad walks him several times a day on a gentle lead harness which allows him to be walked without pulling so much. He loves his daily walks and excitedly runs to the front door when he knows it’s time. Blanco is a strong and solid boy so he’ll need someone who is also strong and steady to continue working on his leash training.

Blanco is learning how to live in a house and everything is new to him. He is adjusting well to the noise and commotion of a regular household. He stays in a crate when his foster family is gone and also at nighttime because as a typical puppy, he still chews things he shouldn’t. Blanco crates easily and is happy and content in it. The only time he barks is when the doorbell rings, he hears another dog barking, or if he gets startled. He rides well in a car, jumps in and settles down for the journey.

Blanco is quickly picking up the daily routine after a short time with his foster family. He is smart!! Blanco is calm inside as long as he gets plenty of outdoor exercise and/or walks. One of his favorite times is after dinner when all 4 Setters pick out a Nylabone to chew on and snuggle up on the couches. Blanco is a huge love-bug and he craves affection. He is a “close-sitter” on the couch and sees himself as a small lap dog!

Due to his exuberant nature, Blanco might be better in a house with older children so he doesn’t knock them down accidentally. He has been a joy to have in our home and his manners are improving every day.

Blanco is house trained, neutered, UTD on vaccinations, microchipped, heart worm negative, and kept on monthly preventative. He’s currently in a foster home in northern CO.

Blanco needs a patient person to continue working with him on his house manners as he is still a big puppy. He would enjoy having another young, energetic dog in the family to chase and run around with and to keep him company. (We all know that TIRED Setters are GOOD Setters!) He’s going to be a wonderful, loyal companion and bring a lot of love and entertainment to his new family!