Meet SWESR’s very own Goddess of Wisdom and Courage, Athena. Athena is 1-2 years young and thanks to rescue she is setting the troubles of being dumped in a rural area of Texas behind her and she is discovering the joys of being a happy-go-lucky puppy. Athena was patiently waiting on a rural property for whoever dumped her to come back and get her. After a few days the neighbors looked for an owner and then contacted SWESR for help. We thought she looked like she might be a Large Munsterlander (LM) so we said yes and picked her up. Her ears aren’t LM and there’s no tattoo, so we decided to run a DNA test. Her results are in and perfectly sum up Athena and why she is such a very special girl. She’s 59% Golden Retriever and 25% Heeler. In our opinion she got the best of both breeds and our girl is a loving, gentle, playful give-me-a-job girl that respectfully herds the dogs, cats and people in her foster home.

Lady A is great with other dogs, though she might pester older dogs too much. She is good with cats as long as the cats (and people) are ok with a dog that is nosy and interested in their business. Athena is working on manners and will need a consistent and kind person to provide her with leadership and guidance. She’s not a candidate for a home with kids younger than teens because she is mouthy and “gently” physical. She would not be a good match for a home with elderly people or anyone with mobility issues because she is right on the heels of her person. Another active and playful dog in the home is a must for this girl, this will make the difference of getting the regular exercise and stimulation this youngster needs. 

Athena is crate and house trained. Furniture privileges are a must, because how else can she snuggle and lay in your lap otherwise? She’ll need LOTS of toys to play with and scatter throughout the house and she will even retrieve if you ask her. She’ll toss toys into the air and keep herself entertained. She has no prey drive and her escape drive is low. She is very smart and loves a game of keep away when it’s time to come in and go into her crate. Thankfully she is also very food motivated and is not a resource guarder, though she will sneakily steal toys from other dogs. 

Athena is not a candidate for a hunting home, the prey and bird drive just isn’t there. She is not a candidate for an apartment or a home without a fenced yard. She needs at least 5 foot fences, she has a long body and will stand up vertical on a fence. She’s fast and can keep up with a field English Setter with no effort but she doesn’t have the high energy activity level of a Setter. With another active dog to run and play with she will get plenty of daily exercise on her own. 

Athena would be bored in a home where her person isn’t home most of the time. As much as she loves other dogs, she wants a person that is her very own. Lady A will look you directly in the eyes and win you over and melt your heart. When she was rescued she was fearful of leaving the place where she was dumped, her loyalty runs deep and strong. Her foster Mom has promised her that she will never be abandoned again and she thinks a long volunteer transport with strangers would be confusing and stressful so she is hoping for an easier transition for Athena to her furever home. 

Athena is in a foster home north of San Antonio TX. Are you the special person this special girl has been waiting for? 

Athena is spayed, up to date on vaccines and tests, on heartworm preventative and microchipped.